We’ve got a new doggie

Kath-&-daisy---CopyHi Everyone –  Remember I told you how our little West Highland terrier Lily had to be put down, and how distressing it was? Well, Kathleen grieved so much, but kept saying she’d never get another dog. Then it changed to – “We’ll do nothing until after Christmas, and then we’ll make up our minds. And if we ever get one, it will b e a rescue dog.” Then it changed to,” I miss a doggie so much…”

Kaath kept sneaking a peep at the ads in the paper, especially about Westies up for rescue. Then one day she mousily admitted that she had found a doggie in the ads. A rescue doggie, probably nine years old or more. A Westie.

Well, to make a long story short, Daisy arrived. Poor Daisy must have had a terrible few years wandering the streets of a certain  town, living in someone’s back yard, and was in a bad way when the welfare people picked her up. Hair was matted, she was covered in critters, and infection had left her blind in one eye and almost deaf. But by the time we got Daisy she had been so nursed that she was a lovely little white doggie, well able to use her one eye, and with a sense of smell way ahead of ours.

At first Daisy just paced up and down. Then she discovered she could get up on Kath’s lap, and that was the turning point. She now wants to get up on everyone’s lap, even the visitors. A bit of a nuisance, really, but no one seems to mind.

She didn’t bark for a couple of weeks, but now she has found her voice.

As she settled down we realised that in her earlier years Daisy must have been well looked after, and was obviously well trained. She is wonderfully affectionate, she knows  to go outside to pee and poo, really likes and trusts people, is dead easy to bathe, and is wonderfully gentle with everyone. We think that maybe she had a kind owner who died, and she was then just left in someone’s yard where she could just go out and wander the streets. This might explain how, if Daisy gets the slightest chance, she is through the front gate and off down the street.

All I can say is that Kath is over the moon with Daisy, and so am I. And we cannot praise enough the animal welfare people who spotted Daisy on a street and rescued her.

Here’s picture of our Daisy, in the lap of the gods — well, in the lap of a very mindful Kathleen, anyhow.


~ David

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