Rare bird again !

How about this incredible picture of that elusive kingfisher, taken again by Hong Kennedy-Bell, at Chiswick Park in London?

-1976173017365BC834That’s what comes of having wide-open mindful eyes…

Heartiest congrats, Hong. ~ David

2 Responses to “Rare bird again !”
  1. nuala woulfe says:

    We have found you on the Twitter machine – now all you have to do is tweet something! I see you have ventured into the world of self publishing. Might get round to that myself some day.
    Best wishes

  2. Mike Robertson says:

    I was in Chiswick Park on Monday 8th September and a single Kingfisher was fishing in the pool in front of the Ionic Temple building , perching on the plinth of the stone pillar or ornament in the middle of the pool

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