Our magic sky

thumbs_joy-back-14 thumbs_all-pix-for-blog-911-of-1303 thumbs_joy-back-16Excuse me while I kiss the sky

~ Jimi Hendrix

I OFTEN think of the sky as a mighty canvas on which God or Nature (whichever you’re into) paints her abstract creations of blue and white and crimson and gold, then wipes them out and starts all over again. She rests only at night, leaving the stars to take over. I’m not just being poetic — quite literally, the sky above us is the greatest of all spectacles that the human eye can behold. We simply don’t notice it because it’s always there, and for that reason we are no longer mindful of it.

Although a sky can look so permanent, most clouds last only a few minutes, according to cloud expert Gavin Pretor-Pinney. In his astonishing book, The Cloudspotter’s Guide, he talks of a cloud reaching “the ripe old age of 10 minutes”. Take a look at Gavin’s website — cloudappreciationsociety.org. You won’t regret it, and you’ll see clouds galore.

They talk of castles in the air — the reality is that you don’t really need much imagination to see things up there for yourself. I have recently seen a T-Rex right up there. As well as an old man in the sky. And a giant bird the size of a town. Take a look for yourself right here.

Back shortly.

All the best.  ~ David

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