I wish I had a tail


074Hi everyone

Know what? Sometimes I think whoever designed us got it a bit wrong. I mean, why don’t we have tails? They’re very useful to monkeys. They come in pretty handy for scorpions too. But what set me thinking was a doggie I met today. I was out walking on the back road to Nenagh and this little doggie spotted me from inside his gate. He jumped up on his garden wall and followed me all along until he came to the corner pillar, where he sat wagging his tail. The wagging was just so charming that it was clearly an invitation to go over and do a little patting and back rubbing. Which I did. Doggie didn’t have to say a word: the tail wagging did it all. Now imagine what we could do with a tail. Strong silent types (like myself) wouldn’t have to utter a word. Just wag a tail to say, ‘Hey, I really like you.’ Or swish a tail in anger, like a pussy cat or a tiger, to express silent disapproval. Far easier than frowning or raising an eyebrow. Any thoughts on this, friends? One thing, of course: jeans would have to be redesigned for tails. And getting a pair of pants on would be a little trickier than it is right now.


~  David    www.LookAndGrowMindful.com

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