I watched a sunset tonight

169Hi everyone

Haven’t been around for a while — but I’m back now and plan to stay around. Today was one of those absolutely brilliant winter days with a blazing blue sky and not a cloud up there. For some reason the low sun always seems more dazzling in winter than in summer. Does anyone know why? Anyhow, after a day at the computer working on my new book (I Will not Serve), I took off up along the lakeshore of Lough Derg to one of my favourite spots — a tiny inlet where no one ever seems to go. There, all alone,  I watched the sun setting. It was magic. It was even more lovely after the sun had gone behind the hill across the water from me. For then the sky arranged itself in that marvellous dark blue descending to green, then yellow, then orange. And the little wavelets moving to the shore took up those colours, with the orange touching their blue. The silence was absolute. Then suddenly a bird sang — but I cannot share that here. I wish I could. Here is one of the pictures I took this evening.


~ David

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