Ever see a FOG BOW ?

Hello everyone

Today the whole of Killaloe was shrouded in the thickest imaginable freezing fog. Everyone looked frozen and miserable. So I simply drove up into the hills right behind us, and twenty minutes later emerged into blue skies and sunshine so warm that I had to take off my jacket.It was like moving to a different country. I had an absolute ball looking down on the valley, and photographing it. It simply was an ocean of white fog, with the occasional hill or mountain peeping through like an island.

But it was when I was coming back down, just about to move back into the fog,  that I saw something I have never seen before in my life — a pure white rainbow. But there was no rain – only fog. It was a stunning sight. I got out my camera and tripod, and here it is.

When I got home I went straight to Wikpedia, and typed in “Fog Bow”, just hoping there was such a thing. And there it was. Go there and check for yourself — it’s something about fog droplets being smaller than raindrops, so they don’t break up the white light into colours, as happens in a rainbow. Hence a white bow — a fog bow!

PS Over the next few days I’ll post some of the other fog pictures I got today.






2015-02-08 test shoot - 317-EditFogbowblog - Copy


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