Ever see a FOG BOW ?

Hello everyone Today the whole of Killaloe was shrouded in the thickest imaginable freezing fog. Everyone looked frozen and miserable. So I simply drove up into the hills right behind us, and twenty minutes later emerged into blue skies and sunshine so warm that I had to take off my jacket.It was like moving to a different country. I had an absolute ball looking down on the valley,... Read More

On national radio !

Hi All Just to let you know that the Killaloe Hedge-School of Writing was featured on Tuesday’s John Murray Show on RTE 1 national radio, and the phone never stopped ringing for two days. Our 7 Feb Memoirs workshop was so booked out that we had to schedule a second one for 14 Feb. Now it’s booked out too. So we’ve scheduled a third one for 3 October, and there... Read More

Killaloe Hedge-School of Writing is back

Hi Everyone Good news for the New Year. People have been asking when we are going to re-open the Killaloe Hedge-School of Writing. As you know, we suspended operations last year as we had too many other projects in hand – in particular,  those books that we published. Well, the good news is that the Hedge-School is back, with one-day €80 workshops, for beginning writers, in... Read More

Beware of bad companions

Hi y’all Kathleen says I can’t write poetry. She says my stuff is doggerel. Unfortunately all our writers’ group agree with her. The last time  I read out a poem there was this terrible silence. And then one kind friend said, ‘David, stick to the day job!’ (The day job, by the way, is prose.) Anyhow, there is one poem I am dying to share, doggerel... Read More

The year’s first snow

Snow storm on our nearby mountain, Moylussa Hi everyone The Gap Road in the Clare Hills AS I write this, the winter’s first snow is falling from a darkling evening sky, strangely haunting in the pale light from my window. And the brief beauty of it is working its magic on me once again. Snow is like a bad marriage. It starts with gentleness and softness and grace and purity and... Read More

I wish I had a tail

  Hi everyone Know what? Sometimes I think whoever designed us got it a bit wrong. I mean, why don’t we have tails? They’re very useful to monkeys. They come in pretty handy for scorpions too. But what set me thinking was a doggie I met today. I was out walking on the back road to Nenagh and this little doggie spotted me from inside his gate. He jumped up on his... Read More

I watched a sunset tonight

Hi everyone Haven’t been around for a while — but I’m back now and plan to stay around. Today was one of those absolutely brilliant winter days with a blazing blue sky and not a cloud up there. For some reason the low sun always seems more dazzling in winter than in summer. Does anyone know why? Anyhow, after a day at the computer working on my new book (I Will... Read More

Pining and longing

Hi everyone A friend of mine had a husband who was dying of cancer. He had worked hard all his life, planned for the future, read his newspaper and watched his television. She took him for one last trip in their open-topped MG around the Ayrshire coast. At one point, looking out over the ocean towards Ailsa Craig, he sighed and said, ‘Imagine having to leave all this.’ He had... Read More

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What that tetrapod looked like

Hi Remember thost tetrapod footprints I uploaded a few days back? Well, people have been asking what might the critter look like. So here is a rough sketch I made from some pictures I found on the internet. It looks a bit like a lizard or a newt, if you ask me. Best. ~ David  Read More