Beware of bad companions

thumbs_thumbs_untitled-19-14Hi y’all

Kathleen says I can’t write poetry. She says my stuff is doggerel. Unfortunately all our writers’ group agree with her. The last time  I read out a poem there was this terrible silence. And then one kind friend said, ‘David, stick to the day job!’ (The day job, by the way, is prose.) Anyhow, there is one poem I am dying to share, doggerel or not. Y’see, it tells the truth about my wicked past, which I have to confess. So here goes.




Bad  companions


Beware of bad companions

They told us one and all;

Stay clear of bad companions

Said Sister Mary Paul


Bad companions teach you

What you should never know,

And bad companions lead you

Where you should never go


Where are these bad companions

I simply had to know;

In search of bad companions

I hunted high and low.


I guessed that bad companions

would surely make life go,

But ne’er a bad companion

Just ever seemed to show


So all these bad companions

I never got to know;

And all my seeds of wickedness

I neever got to sow


Till one day angry parents

Told Teacher much annoyed

That I’m the bad companion

That nice boys should avoid




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