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Helen Keller once said, ‘To have eyes and fail to see is the greatest calamity that can befall us.’ So many of us are blind to the joy and wonders around us. If only we could look once more in wonder — at our skies, lakes, fields, forests, landscapes, even at ourselves… such wonder could utterly change our lives.

But why do we fail to see? There are lots of reasons, but the main one is that nobody ever showed us. Our parents didn’t, since nobody showed them. Besides, we’re mostly too busy to notice. And we are so occupied with the tiny screens on our phones that we never look up, anyhow.

This little book, The Joy of Looking, can help us become aware once more of the joy and beauty and wonder of the world all around us. (Which is desperately needed, since there is so much despair and grief around as well.) Now I would love to show you this beauty, and not just write about it. But there is no way we could fit all the pictures into a little book like this. This website’s the answer — the pictures are all here, with quotes from the book about them — just  (just run the cursor over the picture to get the quote.

But the website also give you a chance to have your say too, and to share your sights and insights. So will you help me develop it, by sending in your comments, insights, suggestions and pictures?

A wee bit about myself. I’ve been journalist, photographer and editor on three continents, where I’ve reported on both wonder and terror (terror such as the Massacre of Tiananmen Square). But there’s light as well as darkness in our world, and we desperately need that light. So I’ve always returned to wonder, especially at the little things like those birds and fields and forests. I’m longing to share all this with you. (If you want to learn more about me, there’s a sort of official bio somewhere on this website. But don’t believe the half of it!)

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Look with Mindfulness is a available  in both paperback and eBook format. It will be in the Mind/Body/Spirit section of bookshops worldwide,  and also will be available from Amazon, FeedAread, Smashwords, Kindle, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, Easons, Kobo, Sony, the Diesel eBook Store, the Apple iBookstore, Baker & Taylor and bookshops worldwide.


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2928150Father Frank Kane, filming a TV series on ‘Great Catastrophes in History’, grows convinced that people on the verge of extinction,
as in Pompeii, consciously ignore all the signs of their impending doom. In Ireland Garda Det-Sgt Stokes keeps encountering
references to a shadowy figure called Omar. A young Saudi Arabian disappears from Ennis hospital, and later his body appears
in a trawler’s fishing net. In Leeds, journalist Meg Watkins is assigned to research Freshpark Nuclear Plant in Cumbria. Initially
impressed, she gradually grows horrified at its safety record. Meanwhile, Sheik Aboud is secretly training terrorist pilots to fly
hijacked planes into Europe’s nuclear plants, using flight simulators at his walled County Galway residence. Gradually Stokes
closes in on the sheik as he feels some catastrophe is pending. So does Fr Frank Kane, for different reasons. And Meg Watkins
is convinced that terrorists are going after Freshpark. Convergence comes when both Kane and Stokes hear Meg say on a TV
talk-show that terrorists could hijack a plane out of Ireland and fly it into Freshpark. But it’s all too late. Omar has been in Co
Galway all the time, as a respected citizen, and now does precisely what Meg had feared. The consequences are horrific…


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