A day of joy and discovery

Hi Everyone

Last Sunday the sun was shining and I just took off around nearby Lough Derg for the day. I only went about 30 miles through County Tipperary, but it was a day of  sheer joy and discovery. At one point I came down a hill road and saw the whole of Lough Derg stretched out before me. It was breathtaking. I came across all sorts of tiny coves with a few little fishing boats tied up. Then, in a quiet valley that no one seems to know, I discovered the ruins of a 12th century church, and it and the crosses around it were all dazzling white with lichen. The hedgerows were rich with ripened blackberries, and I feasted just as I did as a child. I found yellow lichen on an old stone wall. I saw the shadow of a celtic cross thrown on an  ancient tombstone. I felt I should stay at home at the computer, where there was lots to be done. If I had,  I’d have missed it all. The computer could wait, but the sun wouldn’t. I think maybe that’s the core of Mindfulness — grab hold of the Now when it’s offered. Oh, and by he way, I encountered numerous dogs, but I’ll tell you about them tomorrow. ~ David


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2014-09-22  2014-09-22 Derg shores - 226

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2014-09-22  2014-09-22 Derg shores - 141
2014-09-22  2014-09-22 Derg shores - 217

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